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Find new friends and neighbors and stay connected without giving up your privacy and worse, your residential address! While it is very important to be in touch with your community, it's also very important to stay safe and as private as you can online.

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During these trying times, it's vital to keep local businesses going. From your local farmers to your local butchers, we must find a way to give the majority of our business to private, local businesses. What happens if the grid goes down and you can't buy anything from the local big box chains?

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It doesn't take a long trip to find that our freedom of speech is quickly being attacked by BIG Tech and their allies. We must always be vigilant in protecting our God-given rights. Bart Hub provides a platform free of propaganda and allows spirited debate on multiple topics regardless of your political leanings or opinions, unlike most of the current social media, and our "Neighborhood" type platforms. 

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