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Welcome to Bartlesville Community Hub!

This is a personally owned community and was created to be a one-stop hub for information about the City of Bartlesville, Oklahoma and surrounding areas and an place to buy and sell items without having to log on to big tech sites. This is a community to benefit Bartlesville, unlike big tech sites which make money off your every click and information. We are a Premier Online Community for the people by the people!

We are NOT affiliated with the city of Bartlesville in any way. We just got tired of the big corporate websites selling our information, tracking us, and unfairly censuring free speech. We do NONE of that here. This community was created to be a simple, one-stop, low clutter site for information, communication, buying, selling and job announcements for residents of Bartlesville and surrounding areas.

You will see no annoying pop up ads that trace your time here or ads between posts. You may see a very simple link (only) ad from a forum sponsor (future) but it will only be a link to their website-absolutely nothing more. The only information we gather about you is your IP address, user name and email (for registration) and any information you voluntarily place within this community.

We DO NOT link our community to any social media service such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Why? By linking to these sites we are providing them with more clicks that they get paid for AND more importantly, these companies then create even more information about your online activity. They don't need any more money nor do we believe these corporations have your best interest in mind. Linking to these wealthy conglomerates does nothing to help the city of Bartlesville or surrounding communities.

If you would like to get involved here please feel free to contact us in this community. We always need good people to help out. We ask that you actively participate in this community as much as possible and share our community as much as possible. Small communities like Bartlesville need all the help they can get and it is our hope that by creating this community we can keep and drive people to local businesses.

We hope you enjoy your time here and find this one-stop community useful.

Our best wishes to you and your family,

Bartlesville Hub
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