How to meet new people in Bville


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Dec 11, 2020
Want to meet some new people in Bville and expand your social circle? Feel like there's an inner circle of Bville community leaders you aren't welcome to rub elbows with? (Hint: Social distancing is actually a mental illness.)

Well, here's a first-hand recommendation I think you'll like.

A large group of women in Bville have been meeting once a month for YEARS! They are of various faiths and denominations, but primarily Christians. Most of all, they are all extremely welcoming to everyone and are keen on activity...not just sitting around talking. Last night was their BBQ, which has become a very popular, and delicious, annual event each May.

They call themselves Bartlesville Ladies Connection and the best part is that they include their significant others frequently when there is food involved! During the meal you can chat with whoever is sitting at your table, then there's usually a speaker for 30 minutes or so, and then everyone just wanders around introducing themselves to whoever they want to talk to. I sat next to a guy I hadn't seen since the 1970's! He told me all about where he and his wife have traveled since retiring 9 years ago, their 10 grandkids, and what he's been up to lately. He used to own one of the larger electrical companies (electrician) in town.

Last nights speaker was a mid-40s guy who graduated from the Air Force Academy, went to work for the CIA, and thru a series of inexplicable 'mistakes' all along the way, ended up in the job of his dreams living all over the world, married to a wife who exceeded his deepest desires, and has found himself, despite his own blunders and missteps, blessed beyond any hopes he ever had. Great speaker and interesting guy! Last year the speaker was a Professional Rodeo Bull Rider. He was hilarious!

They also have luncheons (outdoor and indoor) and even a "Bunko" night.

Email at
Text at 918.397.7388
They're on (gag) Facekook as "Bartlesville Ladies Connection"

Finally, no dues or membership fees, but they do ask for a donation to offset food costs when there are eats. For example, the luncheon on June 10th at the Johnstone Park Shelter (1 block east of the YMCA) has a suggested donation of $7 for the grub. Quite reasonable for the quality of catered meals they provide...all you do is show up and sit down! They pass envelopes at the end of the meal and no one knows, or cares, how much you put in...or not.

You won't find a friendlier group ANYWHERE! I guarantee it!

Now, for guys, there needs to be a motor-driven device, or a gun or fishing pole...
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