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Nov 16, 2020
Hello and Welcome!

1. Privacy
Your online privacy is very important! No online community should ever ask for your real name, physical address or run your credit profile to confirm your identification. This business conduct is disgusting and should never be allowed by federal, state or local authorities in our humble opinion. We believe you should re-evaluate your relationship with all social media companies as soon as possible.

2. Censoring
You don't have to look far to see massive censorship by big media and their allies which appears to be mostly against Conservatives, Christians, Males and those not adhering to mainstream propaganda. We welcome all faiths, genders, political ideology and critical thinkers.

3. The cost of selling.
Ebay, Etsy, and all the rest, make a lot of money off your sales and information. At BartHub all selling is free to individuals and local businesses. While Facebook Marketplace can be useful, it is still Facebook and subjected to their reprehensible business practices and restricted to Facebook users only.

4. They make money off you and your information.
Every time you access these big tech social media sites, they may make money of your clicks and information. This does NOTHING for our local community.

5. Agenda
You and your family are subjected to the agenda of these big tech companies and their allies while your free speech is often significantly limited.

6. Free Speech
Does Big Tech still allow free speech or only speech they agree with? At BartHub, we allow you to voice your opinion and try to minimally moderate.

7. Data Mining
How much of your data are these big tech social media companies compiling about you and your family? We significantly limit what information we hold about you AND WE NEVER EVER SELL YOUR INFORMATION.

8. Feature Limitations vs Money
All features we offer in our community are free to ALL MEMBERS. We DO NOT provide additional features for a fee.

9. BartHub is owned by a private person. We are beholden to no one!

10. Ads and ad tracking
We allow no obtrusive advertising and we absolutely DO NOT ALLOW or participate in any add tracking whatsoever.

And those are just a few things...

We hope you'll join us and we looking forward to "seeing" you in our community.

Have a wonderful day!
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